Cadenza Music is very proud to announce a new series of events in Ibiza: "Cadenza goes to the Tox" will be held in the small underground venue Tox, the nightclub located below the lobby of the Destino Pacha Resort. Luciano’s label will give this unique opportunity to its roster of artists to build their platform by inviting, each one of them, one of the clubs they work with throughout the year and by hosting their own party with the DJs and friends they collaborate with. Learn more

CAD 95

Valentino Kanzyani has been producing spellbinding electronic dance for well over a decade, but it’s perhaps on ‘PsiAmsterdam’ that the Slovenian DJ and producer has created some of most his hallucinatory and psychedelic work to date. The sleeve depicts a kaleidoscopic blend of amphibians and mushrooms in splashes of vibrant colour, a fitting visual to the music contained within. Learn more


Summer 2014 looks great: with this new project ready to hit the White Island for another step forward, Luciano is on top form and feeling re-energized for the season to come. In the name of Unity. Under the same sky. Because this is what Ibiza stands for: Freedom, Love and Music. This is what Ibiza means, this is the original spirit that made it magical and a unique place for people from all over the planet. Welcome to the Origins. Learn more


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Cadenza94 - Insight

produced by Ernesto Ferreyra

CAD093 - Into The Aether (Part One)

produced by Luciano & Friends

CAD092 - The Motorglider EP

produced by Eduardo De La Calle

CAL020 - Danse Macabre EP

produced by Bassel

Cadenza91 - DEA/Kraftone

produced by Cesar Merveille