Cadenza meets Planet E at Mamitas for The BPM Festival (Playa del Carmen - Mexico) on January 15th 2015. Learn more


The twenty second release on Cadenza Lab comes from Dubfound, a producer from Moldova who has been quietly yet determinedly honing his sound for a couple of years now. Via labels like 8Bit, Memoria, Intacto and his own Nurum imprint, Dubfound has been exploring the deeper shades of tech-house, his music always comes with plenty of essential space and ambience, and his Cadenza Lab debut is no exception. Learn more


Ernesto Ferreyra’s 2010 debut album for Cadenza, the intricate and balanced “El Paraíso De Las Tortugas”, was something of a landmark release, not only for the Argentinian DJ and producer, but also for the minimal electronic dance scene. Four years on, on “Some Kind Of Sign” we find the producer seriously in his element, with his production aesthetics at his peak, brimming with ideas, melodies, killer hooks and wonderfully playful percussion across the eleven tracks. Learn more


Davide Squillace, the Italian DJ and producer behind the This And That Music and Hideout imprints, has kept up a hugely productive schedule since the 1990s, and lands on Luciano’s Cadenza Music this fall with the ‘Goiânia’ single release. With three tracks that showcase a highly musical pot of orchestral melodies, freestyle synth licks, steady percussive beats mixed with dramatic strings, sizzling hats and humongous pads, this EP fuses nods to classic House sounds with cosmic Techno influences. Learn more


Out August 2014 on Cadenza Records on 12" vinyl and digital download Gianni Callipari is the Swiss born DJ and producer who has been bubbling under for some time now, crafting his skills, both in the studio and in the clubs, for the past few years. Learn more


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CAL023 - Slow Motion

produced by Lino Pugliese

Cadenza98 - Some Kind Of Sign

produced by Ernesto Ferreyra

Cadenza97 - Goiânia

produced by Davide Squillace

CAL022 - Acan

produced by Dubfound

Cadenza96 - Modular

produced by Gianni Callipari