The marvellous Chilean blooded "Llovizna", produced by the talented Felipe Venegas & Francisco Allendes was originally released in 2009 on Cadenza 40th vinyl release. Learn more


Shimza, one of South-Africa's shining talents, makes his return to Cadenza with 'Eminence', a burning compound of profound percussions and late-night rapturing synths. Learn more


Sequentia 2 is the second chapter of the four fold composition that Luciano has arranged as part of the celebration for Cadenza’s 15th anniversary. Every release is dedicated to a season of the year, and this autumn one, consisting in dimmer tones and snug vibrations, displays all of Luciano’s unique productions skills and his unrivalled touch on the mixing desk. Learn more


To disclose all his unconditional love for Chile and for the Magik Garden Festival planned for November 24th, Luciano has decided to release on his own Cadenza Records a compilation of music previously released on the label by some of the artists performing at the festival. Learn more


Luciano has arranged a special series of four releases as part of the celebrations for the fifteen years anniversary of his own Cadenza Records, launching the first one to begin the festivities. Learn more


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Latest releases

Cadenza121 - Llovizna 10th Anniversary EP

produced by Francisco Allendes, Felipe Venegas

CAL040 - Luciano & Cadenza Presents VGBDOS, Ibiza - Summer'19

produced by Various Artists

Cadenza120 - Eminence

produced by Shimza

CAL039 - Canción Mapuche feat. Katy Prado

produced by Luciano

Cadenza119 - Sequentia Vol.2

produced by Luciano