Cadenza 19

Mere months after releasing their Anticlockwise album, Digitaline are back with a big, cresting wave of a tune, Honolulu, backed by an equally massive remix by Luciano himself.

Digitaline - the Lausanne/Berlin-based duo of Laps and Gregorythme - pull out all the stops on Honolulu, Digitaline's Kamehameha I Version. In surfing, you'd call this one a triple-overhead, fit only for long boards. Make that really long boards, as the track is a 17-minute long thrill ride of choppy white water and tubing smooth as glass. Skewed tribal drumming and scattershot percussion kick things off with a generous intro that grows and grows, building tension with eerie keyboard smears and snatches of murmured vocals. The groove is so corkscrewed it's almost, well, screwy, silencing the kickdrum and coasting on the offbeats before diving back into the fray with a splash of handclaps.

An insistent bass bounce is the skeg keeping things on course until, roughly halfway in, the low end opens up and whoosh: smooth cruising through deep blue waters flecked silver and gold, as elements tumble into the depths and surface again, spluttering, borne steadily forward on a pulse as regular as the tide. Challenging? You bet, but that's the beauty of it: the sticker may say "Don't try this at home," but you simply can't resist riding this one.

On Luciano's Liliuokalani Remix, he wrings things out and brings it all back to dry land, focusing his attentions on sticks 'n' stones percussion and nosing his way into a labyrinth of handclaps and delay. Where so much of Digitaline's Kamehameha I track is about subtraction, sucking out the beats where you expect them to be, Luciano's Liliuokalani remix is its additive inverse, ever so subtly laying down layer after layer of chattering percussion and misty delay, until every molecule in the sound field seems to sparkle with energy. Everywhere you listen, in the space behind every note, something is happening; every sound seems fringed with tiny tendrils. But this sheen of microscopic activity never stops Luciano's single minded pursuit of the groove. For all the complexity of its interlocking rhythms, Liliuokalani Remix is all about losing yourself in the beat. For 15 minutes, that's all there is: one enormous pulse knitted out of dozens of clockwork dials, sweeping you up in the onrush.

It's one of the most rhythmically sophisticated and seductive things Luciano has done yet. Paired with the slow-mo underwater fireball of Digitaline's Kamehameha I, Honolulu makes for one of Cadenza's most impressive releases yet.

Written by Gregory Poncet and Laurent Bovey, Kamehameha I. Version is produced by Digitaline, Liliuokalani Remix is produced by Luciano. Published by Copyright Control, (p) & (c) Cadenza Records 2007. Mastered by Rashad, Dubplates and Mastering. Distributed worldwide by www.wordandsound.net.

Cadenza 19