Cadenza 30

All tracks written and produced by Gregory Poncet and Laurent Bovey for Cadenza Records. Published by Copyright Control / (p) & (c) Cadenza Records 2009. Mastered by Rashad, Dubplates and Mastering. Distributed worldwide by www.wordandsound.net

Returning to Cadenza following last year’s self titled EP, Digitaline focus their eclectic influences toward two seamlessly executed minimal techno tracks. In fact, the term ‘executed’ is apt considering member Laurent Bovey’s history as a drummer for a Swiss grindcore outfit. Focusing his attention onto techno, Laurent teamed up with Gregory Poncet of Lausanne based post-rock bands Parazit and Machnick with the sole intention of making us dance. Hard. It was worth the shift. Combining both the masterful dissonance and subtle developmental structures of their previous disciplines, these two compositions effortlessly transcend the mould.

Title track “Tapadaka” layers scraped flint percussion over penetrant kick and deep tom rhythms. Igniting with intermittant stabbed synth and pulsed bass harmonies, swooping tonal attacks loom high in the mix, dizzying both composition and listener alike. Elemental and direct, there is a deft intelligence to the ascent from ‘kick and click’ to feral fireside festivity. Shifting between being lost in the moment and lost alone in the wilderness, there is an air of unpredictability to the prodding keys and pouncing pads that hints at something sinister afoot. On the flip, an understated EBM influence underlies the central percussive pattern in “Strippy Trippy”. Drippy metallic tones chime above stuttering snare and punched kick as vocal samples whisper between the beats. Aquatic synth melodies swim in and out of the mix, arpeggiating and decaying like ghostly apparitions as the track plunges deeper into the abyss. “Tapadaka” is an inventive and seasoned release from this young Swiss duo.

Cadenza 30