Cadenza 33

All tracks written and produced by Ernesto Ferreyra for Cadenza Records. Published by Copyright Control / (p) & (c) Cadenza Records 2009. Mastered by Rashad, Dubplates and Mastering. Distributed worldwide by

With its thirty-third release, Cadenza grows its family once again, bringing on board rising talent Ernesto Ferreyra. Born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina, and until recently based in Montreal, where he came up amidst the MUTEK festival’s extended family, Ernesto calls Berlin home today. His ability to synthesize new ideas from diverse surroundings has made itself amply heard on his releases for Mutek_Rec, Cynosure and Thema, along with remixes for Adam Marshall (New Kanada) and Monofax (Lomidhigh). Recently, you’re as likely to find Ernesto alongside Guillaume Coutu-Dumont in the duo Chic Miniature, renowned for their spontaneous, energetic live sets as well as releases on Raum…Musik, Musiqe Risquée and Crosstown Rebels. So Cadenza was lucky to get some time alone with the young multitasker, who continues to refine his style across four impressive and infectious tracks for the label. Across all four cuts (two on vinyl, and two digital-only), Ernesto shows off his uniquely grooving, percussive style. In a former life, he might have marched in a samba school: shakers and noisemakers fall in a steady stream over carefully tuned percussion of every shape, size and caliber; with his slippery rhythms and swerving syncopations, you’re left with the impression of a parade of drummers from around the world, marching in lockstep down Berlin’s slick cobblestones. “Hunted,” the most upfront of the four tracks, lays out a rollicking groove punctuated by hiccupping toms; choppy vocal samples serve as invocations to move, while rushing waves of reverb flesh out the tune’s ample dimensions. A simple repeated chord provides the final one-two punch. Perfect for any hour, this promises to illuminate any set like a Brazilian sunrise. “Caleza” finds Ernesto digging even deeper into his bag of tricks. Crafty polyrhythms merge into a snaky cadence that keeps evolving at every step; midway through, mallet-like tones break out into a triumphant and surprising melodic lead.

Cadenza 33