Tolga Fidan
Cadenza 57

Cadenza herdsman Luciano welcomes another amazing musician to the label's illustrious gang of house producers. Having released a series of striking records on Berlin's Vakant, Tolga Fidan's music flows seamlessly into Cadenza's vanguard club sound.

Recovering the beauty and charm of its off-key moments, Fidan opens up towards more house related sensibilities. The Paris based musician of Turkish origin creates sonic arrangements that are complex yet striking, mazy yet seductive. Opening with Slipt It, its multi-layered grooves crackle like wood burning in a fireplace. The yearning of the string melody develops subtle hit appeal. Tolga pulls us out of this moody autumnal atmosphere with a striking piano hook. Opening up another sonic experience, it enables us to enter a certain level of tranquility; it elicits a deeper level of happiness.

Having become part of the absorbing fluxion of this epic record, the pervious grooves of Rhythm vs Me set our limbs in motion. In the depth of the sonic space, a protruding melody proceeds in endless improvisation. Fusing the madness '70's funk weirdos Funkadelic with the simplicity of contemporary electronics, Tolga explores the intersection of craziness and grace, of weirdness and sweetness.

With Bass Ass, he switches into a more forthright mode of communication. The pulsating bassline puts us into a trance, the sound of the tom drum is so spacious that it is able to hold the whole dancefloor. The ingenious composition puts the freedom of a detached piano in contrast to the permanence of an organ hook line. The digital bonus Shizzle Hearts and Nizzle B is about those very special moments when the club experience is over for quite some time and yet the grooves are still present in one's mind and body. The actual experience being gone for hours or days, the sounds are liberated and they develop a life of their own.

All tracks written & produced by Tolga Fidan for Cadenza Records. Mastered by Rashad @ D&M, Berlin. Published by Cadenza Publishing. (p)&(c) Cadenza Records 2010. All rights reserved. Made in Eu. Distributed by Wordandsound.

Cadenza 57