Deux Elements
Stacey Pullen
Cadenza 65

For Cadenzaʼs latest output, the imprint serve up something a little different from usual with a versus EP from two astonishingly contrasting yet equally prominent artists within electronic music. No remixes or reinterpretations are to be seen but instead, a meeting of minds between Mirko Loko and Stacey Pullen with Deux Élements.

Titled in fitting reflection of the combination of Swiss born Mirko Loko and Detroit innovator Stacey Pullen, this two track cut is as its name projects in all musical and conceptual aspects. Whilst Mirko Loko is by no means new to Cadenza after releasing his highly praised Seventynine album on the label in 2009, Stacey Pullen is a fresh Cadenza artist that the label couldnʼt be more excited to have him aboard.

The EP's first piece is Formulaic Mode, a twisted combination of chaotic clicks merged with underlying melodies and a serene ambience of calm. At first glance Formulaic Mode coaxes into techno territory as tinny highs and hazy kicks dominate the bubbling and electronically sparked vocal snippets. Progressing further into a solid techno realm, drums crash and the stomp evolves; thereʼs no doubt at this stage, Formulaic Mode is techno in the truest sense. Subtley though, mystical string arrangements invade the march and envelope it so gently that as our feet continue to, our hearts are tugged by crying violin strings and our minds melt from within. A unique layering of conflicting themes, Formulaic Mode works magically.

Flipping over to the B-side, Mirko and Stacey present Tronic Illusion next, working with the same intelligent concept of tones and scenes as Formulaic Mode, our flitting journey starts all over again. Fuelled by an underlying groove and percussive wooden rhythm sections, Tonic Illusion flirts with thundering house vibes and subdued drawn out choral chants. Constantly unfolding, Tonic Illusions long shimmering hats and stabbing crunchy elements weave in and out, ensuring we are continuously entertained whilst floating effortlessly from beginning to end. The atmosphere that Deux Élements evokes with these two starkly different soundscapes is unique and intriguing - a combination of two strikingly different artists in a surprising and bounding release from Cadenza.

Written & produced by Mirko Loko & Stacey Pullen.
Mastered by Simon Francis @ Wired Masters, London.
Artwork by Amélie Nicolet. (p) & (c) Cadenza Records 2011 - All rights reserved.
Publishing by Cadenza Publishing and EMI Publishing.

Cadenza 65