I Ching
Cadenza 67

In 2009 Lucianoʼs Cadenza imprint discovered Chilean electronic artist Felipe Venegas; instantly taken aback by his truly unique South American sound, Felipe was welcomed aboard the cutting edge label and soon after the Llovizna EP alongside Francisco Allendes was released.

The EPʼs exorbitant success and its makers constantly evolving sound brings their relationship into late summer 2011 as Cadenza announce their sixty seventh cut; the I Ching solo EP from Felipe Venegas. The two track EP triggers with I Ching and its spellbinding intro of thundering gong crashes and jangling bells, betraying an almost story like theme as sporadic tomʼs and intense brass melodies converse with one another intensely.

Taking inspiration from heritage and experiences is a common thread amongst musicians and their art, but none more so than on I Ching as Felipeʼs sound draws from the Mexican Teotihuacan Pyramids and his time there. Dramatic and far from your standard house track, I Chingʼs mystical influence is rife with instrumental melodies cleverly transforming into looping vocals as sound pockets swell and retract throughout.

As I Chingʼs rhythm reveals itself with a creeping bassline and hazy kick, more surprises arrive and propel the track to a new and contrasting identity. Delicate and groove ridden jazzy piano sections, rippling brass and the all important space between the beats are explored. A true journey through sound, Felipe Venegasʼs I Ching pushes house music to extraordinary levels with its complex passage through sound.

On the flip, Orisha Chango sees Felipe utilize his skills to ignite the dancefloor as he delivers a powerful yet sensual Cuban influenced track. A bounding rubbery bassline and velvet spoken vocals roll as the gods of the Yoruba Mythology are listed. As tightly sprung samples ricochet against each other, Orisha Chango reaches its high in the last two minutes, its production excellence throwing us around in rich textures bound by ancient depth.

Written & produced by Felipe Venegas
Mastered by Simon Francis @ Wired Masters, London.
Artwork by amelie@cadenzarecords.com. (p) & (c) Cadenza Records 2011 - All rights reserved.
Publishing by Cadenza Publishing and EMI Publishing.

Cadenza 67