Robert Dietz
Cadenza 68

Cadenza’s latest release comes from a man who has made an indisputable impact on a host of A-list labels since he first began spreading his unique and invigorating sound in 2008.

Hailing from Frankfurt and dividing his time between a hectic touring schedule that sees him travel the world and his studio where he compiles his exciting and technically compound productions, Robert Dietz joins Cadenza for the second time with the Slinger EP.

Eclipsing the A-side is the percussion heavy show stopper Pandemic. Infused with sheer funk and relentless groove from its initial doors, Pandemic screams of sweat-drenched dancefloors, grinding movement and unstoppable force.

Rebellious and cheeky in its sexual Latino wriggle yet modern and forward thinking in its structure; tight guitars pluck excitedly between intricate rhythm sections; so fast and furious that lines blur and beats blend in a never ending affair with the dancefloor.

Steaming ever forward with wriggling motion, this belting house track cannot help but infect as it rises and falls, pushes and pulls until exhaustion. Fitting its title like a glove, Pandemic is infectious and gripping with jazzy piano melodies and thunderous musicality.

As a digital bonus, the Amesons Dub Mix of Pandemic encases the original in a steel and echoing interpretation; hardened edges of metallic drums slide between piercing brass projections for a dub infused and contrasting mix.

On the flip, Red Tops is an adrenaline pumped fairground ride; exhilarating, dangerous and manic the smacking hand claps, jazzy cymbal crashes and spiralling drum rolls make way for a lush and rolling b-line with speeding hats. Slurring sensually, Dietz’s lyrics of “Like to ride, like to get high, like to feel the ride” say it all with their rich attitude, naughty nature and reckless allure. Summer may be drawing to an end but the Slinger EP is fiercely rhythmic, rife with texture and streams bright light in.

Written & produced by Robert Dietz. Mastered by Simon Francis @ Wired Masters, London.
Artwork by (p) & (c) Cadenza Records 2011 - All rights reserved. Publishing by Cadenza Publishing and EMI Publishing.

Cadenza 68