Through The Years
Davide Benedetti
Cadenza 69

Luciano's Cadenza imprint welcome fresh blood into their reputable fold of producers for the stunning debut Cadenza EP from Davide Benedetti. Italian Davide, better known as Davidino, has been making unforgettable impressions over recent years with his spell binding and peak time music; Cadenza now proudly introduce Davide Benedetti with his Through The Years EP.

Kick starting with hearty kicks and menacing sirens, Can’t Do This reeks of euphoria from the offset as tenaciously strung hats slam, cymbal crashes shimmer and tempos accelerates beyond bounds. Flooding the dancefloor with sheer force, Davide plays with the core structure of classic house and techno music in Can’t Do This as he builds and breaks for the ultimate fist punching opener.

On the flipside, Through The Years presents Moody Elise with a dark and sultry bassline bellowing through the lower end firmly into our memories. Chopping the track’s structure with immaculate precision, moments of sophisticated bass break as spitting drums bind the groove once more. As always, Davide injects his contagious energy into the EP with stomping, modern house music on Moody Elise as it begs for late night tales and debaucherous behaviour.

Lastly, digital bonus My Mother’s Eye softens the EP’s blow and captures the romantic edge of Through The Years. Meandering in a dream-like state of balmy summer beats and mind-tripping nostalgia, Benedetti uses warm xylophone melodies and cracking effects on his final curtain call for a striking EP.

Written & produced by Davide Benedetti. Mastered by Simon Francis @ Wired Masters, London. Artwork by Amelie Nicolet. (p) & (c) Cadenza Records 2011 - All rights reserved. Publishing by Cadenza Publishing and EMI Publishing.

Cadenza 69