Running For Hawks
Viudez & Rudolf
Cadenza 71

Welcoming two fresh comrades into the ever-growing Cadenza army, the imprint introduce electronic duo Viudez & Rudolf with the Running For Hawks EP. Argentinean Rudolf has been steeped in electronic music for over a decade. Playing around the globe, his infectious DJ sets have been danced to and his gritty house tech releases heard on Archipel, Nervmusic, Serialism and Mean.

A charmingly demure artist, Alejandro Lopez Ross has earned his reputation on artistic merit though his monikers Rudolf, Perro Magnetico, and Jane Sullivan. Not so long in the game but rapidly gaining a reputable name, Viudez made heads turn in 2011 with his Heart Of Oak release on Safari Electronique and the refined and instrumentally fused Scusas EP on Desolat.

Joining forces throughout an inspiring summer spent on the White Isle, Viudez & Rudolf now present Running For Hawks. The percussion dominated two piece kicks off with Unamuno; its concoction of raw drum beats layered with electronic texture and tone.

Building the momentum of a stampeding heard, Unamuno gathers speed with every hissing hi-hat, cascading tambourine crash and bellowing tom drum. Kicking up an eventual dust at its mid-way climax, a punchy bass melody rolls underneath, accompanied by a snarled vocal loop and simmering synth stabs.

Highly infectious and rife with push and pull groove, Viudez & Rudolf focus on a minefield of elements in a desert landscape on Unamuno. Continuing the percussive flow and all important hook of the bass on B-side Inumano, sharp claps bite and glitchy sparks splinter over the deep and plodding b-line.

Breaking the undeviating flow; metallic drum crashes and spooky sheens ascend into a sultry male vocal - Inumano is nudged sensually into an unforgettable bomb for the floor.

Written and produced by Javier Viudez and Alejandro Lopez Ross. Mastered by Simon Francis @ Wired Masters, London. Artwork by Amélie Nicolet. Published by Cadenza Records Publishing / EMI Music Publishing. (p) & (c) Cadenza Records 2012.

Cadenza 71