Way of Life
Robytek Vs Shield
Cadenza 70

Swiss label Cadenza have been living up to their unrivalled reputation as one of the strongest electronic music labels out there having already released nine solo EPs from long time Cadenza artists and exciting new family members since January this year.

Striking while the iron is hot, they now announce Cadenza70 from Italian duo Robytek vs Shield. Meeting minds for the Way Of Life EP, Italian Rebirth Records owner Shield and veteran producer Robytek fuse their individual virtues to create a two piece cut with a twist. No strangers to working together, Robytek and Shield have a cemented collaboration history with three notable releases under their belt to date.

Way Of Life opens with Rendez-Vous and an immediately arresting piano chord groove that sets the scene. With a firm nod to classic elements, the rounded keys sit against vacuum closed hats and ricocheting tambourines denoting a timeless house feel that continues until Rendez-Vous ends.

Pushing forward, the bassline captivates with demure beauty; warm, prowling and confident it binds the sexy female vocal and tinkering scattered synths. Whilst Rendez-Vous may harbour that raw old school sound, it is fiercely modern in its production excellence and building arrangement.

On the B-side our Italian duo present the EP title track Way Of Life. Contrastingly different to its predecessor, Way Of Life dives head first into wriggling percussion rhythms and twanging guitar riffs.

Undoubtedly the absolute floor smasher of the two, it builds, breaks, and thunders for those irreplaceable late night moments on the dancefloor when we are completely lost in the music.

More than just a peak-time dance track though, Way Of Life explores jazzy saxophone swoons, exceptional live drum sections and swooshing beds to round out a mature and forward thinking house killer.

As an extra surprise, the Way of Life EP boasts digital bonus track Journey Of Hope with an added Instrumental version. Rich and bassy with a diverging xylophone melody, Journey Of Hope spits with its trill Latino vocal section before a relentless arpeggiated synth comes through to drive the track into some serious depth and stomping territory. Climbing and dropping with a head strong punch - Journey Of Hope is not for the faint hearted and closes a thoroughly diverse EP.

Written & produced by Daniele Contrini and Roberto Remondina. Way Of Life contain a sample from Zombie by Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Africa 70. Published by Cadenza Publishing / EMI Music Publishing France / EMI Virgin Music Publishing France / FKO Music. Courtesy of EMI Music Publishing France, EMI Virgin Music Publishing France, FKO Music and Knitting Factory Records. 'Rendez-Vous', Published by Cadenza Publishing / EMI Music Publishing. (p) & (c) Cadenza Records 2011. Mastered by Simon Francis @ Wired Masters, London. Artwork by Amélie Nicolet. www.cadenzarecords.com

Cadenza 70