Beats to Beats
Andrea Oliva
CAL 004

The cogs have been turning, the potions have been mixed and yet again, the magic has been produced at Cadenza Lab! For our latest release we are excited to announce new Cadenza and Cadenza Lab artist Andrea Oliva with the Beats To Beats EP.

Hailing from Basel, Switzerland, Andrea Oliva packs a mixed bag of musical influences, a lifetime of DJ experience and infectious enthusiasm into his character and work. A continually growing artist and dedicated music lover, Andrea is heavily involved in Switzerland╩╝s club of the moment Nordstern. He also has a thriving gig calendar and a looming release schedule that includes a solo EP on Cadenza in early 2012 and an imminent release with Israeli label Be As One.

Beats 2 Beats begins its escapade through rhythm with the rolling percussive sounds of Same Old Sheep. Built upon hypnotic drum beats with concrete solidarity, its journey goes on to reveal depths of ascending muted vocal cuts and dry tinny cracks. Same Old Sheep is impossible not to be seduced by as its meandering beats, arresting vocals and ethereal shimmers dart across the underlying groove.

Andrea switches things up a notch with Feel Body, delving directly into crisp hats and hollow kicks from the word go. Riddled with swelling pockets of sound, Feel Body surprises at every corner; momentary drum syncopations, quivering brushes and rising groggy vocals that evolve into smooth, sensual swoons. The tip-toeing concoctions of demure elements wind themselves around the deep rooted deep bassline and plentiful builds and breaks. Strewn with diversity and drive, it works on the ears and feet in equal measure.

Lambada by name but most certainly not by nature, this thoroughly raw yet deep house track exercises Andrea╩╝s clear old school house influences. Priding itself of a warm bassline, jazzy hats and flirtations with delayed keys, it evokes a classic and timeless house sound.

Sitar closes this finely executed four track composition from Andrea Oliva with a truly unique touch. A man who clearly knows how to make his floor move, Sitar is drenched with a plethora of intelligently layered soundscapes. Tribal drums, eastern strings, chopped vocals and warped cosmic samples link hands to parade their finest attributes to their by now captivated audience. With such an abundance of musical styles streamed throughout Beats To Beats, we are more than confident that the new Cadenza team member is firmly on his way.

All tracks written and produced by Andrea Oliva for Cadenza Lab.

CAL 004