Various Artists
CAL 005

2010 was a joyous year for Cadenza with the launch of their digital sub-label Cadenza Lab. Three releases came and went, all garnering critical acclaim and securing the labels' reputation for producing nothing but the best.

Now in 2011, Cadenza Lab reaffirm their outstanding beginnings with the first in a series of compilations. A finely selected ensemble of Cadenzaʼs artists have emerged from their studios with a concoction of tracks ranging from head strong techno to 4/4 fuelled house and emotive ambience.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls - put your hands together for the Various Artists of Cadenza and their ʻCadenza Lab Compilation Volume 1ʼ. Chilean Alejandro Vivanco kicks off proceedings with Rise Again. A sharp and percussive opening, Rise Again is dominated by tightly sprung pockets of sound and a glorious female vocal that bumps and grinds with deep house demeanour.

Cadenza showcase favourite Dani Casarano serves up lashings of attitude next with To Rule, a funk fuelled concoction of vocal snippets with distinct classic feel and a deep bassline to match.

F600 join the crew with the sultry Latino influenced He Say A 200 Las Empana. Eerie soundscapes and a dark, deep spoken vocal seep through the minimal platform while guitar licks lighten and delight F600ʼs rhythmic signature.

Following the highly set standard, two of Santiagoʼs brightest lights team up for a collaborative track entitled Havanese. Francsico Allendes and Marcelo Rosselot throw in hypnotic drum patterns and subtle builds and breaks that are made to enlighten the dancefloor.

Laurent aka Laps is a firm member of the Cadenza outfit and this compilation simply wouldnʼt be complete without him. His latest Ep Up and Down My Spine with Gregory Poncet is already making waves globally and we are delighted with his contribution of No Compute. Boasting a sturdy and boisterous bassline and delicately executed vocals; No Computeʼs groove and electric key arrangement are irrisisteable.

Cadenza boss and head Vagabundo Luciano glides in with Manʼs Friend. Instantly arresting, the deeper than deep bassline reverbs uncontrollably as gentle percussion dances above. In typical Luciano style, itʼs all about the drama and thereʼs certainly no shortage of it in Manʼs Friend as orchestral strings swoop from beneath in sharp tension building movements.

Michel Cleis has been part of the family since 2009 when he released the Uva Fragolina Ep. His Tribute is undeniably tribal with round, hollow drums and a chanting male vocal. At the half way mark it turns on its head with flying jazzy brass, a cleverly concocted and contrasting touch to its beginnings.

Pounding us into another atmosphere is Mirko Loko with his remix of the immensely talented Martina Topley Birdʼs Baby Blue. The Massive Attack vocalist is at the very top of her game at present and with immense pleasure we have her shimmering lyrical charm on our VA remixed by Mirko Loko. Baby Blue, taken from Martinaʼs late 2010 album has been pulled apart and pieced together again by Mirko Loko. Keeping the originalʼs hooky appeal firmly in check, Mirko plays with rapid house rhythm sections and chops the vocals to create a remix sure to fire a dancefloor whilst bathing Martina Topley Birdʼs flawless lyrics in their finest light.

Cadenza Lab welcomes Parisian Psykoloco and his knack of blending Latino origins with forward thinking house and techno sensibilities; Merry Blues Groove is no exception to the rule. A rolling 4/4 groove steams its way under sexy and breathy vocals, rounded up by complex drum patterns, clicks and crunch.

The finale comes in the form of Emotional Landscape from Scan Mode. A true musical journey it opens with moody and dark vibes, steering the atmosphere with determination. Cleverly though, the journey takes a sharp turn as an emotive and drawn out synth sweeps through. Delicate and atmospheric, Emotional Landscape conjures and closes the ʻCadenza Lab Compilation Vol.1ʼ with a distinct and classy touch.

CAL 005