Astral Sines EP
CAL 007

Mirko Loko is back for another outstanding three piece cut. Following this yearʼs Deux Elements EP, produced alongside Detroit living legend Stacey Pullen, and fresh of the heels from his intricate and warmly received Gloria track on Visionquestʼs Fall Winter Collection, Mirko closes 2011 on his label home with the Astral Sines EP.

Butterfly Effect makes a deceivingly harsh entrance with a heaving kick and tight clapping percussion that solidify Mirkoʼs signature tech character. Rolling through tight, electric keys and stripped back sparks, Butterfly Effect takes us on a formulaic journey until a corner is turned and a second identity revealed. Glitches transform to melody and formula to freedom as soaring synth beds evolve Butterfly Effect into a dream like state of diluted electronics.

Up next is Girl On Acid featuring the delightfully slurred voice of Rafaela Rudd. Warped and twisted minimalist techno works Girl On Acidʼs platform; crashing drums and off kilter sound bites sporadically drop as Rafaela speaks to us through a frank and indulgent tale. Building tension with every swelling musical bleep and crackling vocal intonation, Girl On Acid is a gritty and raw addition to the EP.

Lastly, Mirko Lokoʼs Corvus shakes the EPʼs preconceived dancefloor make up with a charming and intricately layered piece. Led by penetrating chants and stunning percussion and string work, Corvus has you hypnotized not only by its percussive beat texture and serene vocal, but also by its unique arrangement and vibe. Corvus proves Mirko Loko is a producer with many sides, sensitivities and growth as it cements Astral Sines into yet another thrilling ride from Cadenza.

CAL 007