Dani Casarano
CAL 006

Frequently attempted yet rarely achieved, mastering the art of jazzy electronic fusion in today’s dance music is something Cadenza Lab’s latest appears to have down to a fine point with the new ‘Arpegio’ EP. Both foregoing solo and collaborative Cadenza artists, Dani Casarano’s undeniable musicality meets Felipe Vengegas’ head strong punch with three enticing new Cadenza Lab cuts.

‘Arpegio’s’ title track works a tight platform of crunchy attacks and bursting bubbles throughout an eleven minute ride of the duo’s condensed production styles. While recoiling springs pounce and dark, moody rubber creases, Arpegio unfolds with flouncing piano keys to shatter the pounding rhythmic base with their delicate edge. Pushing slowly forward, the two distinguishing elements shine with impeccable arrangement, forgiving partnership and chaotic percussion breaks.

The second track Split Music strikes a funkier chord with striking hand claps, layered hats and an irresistibly wiggly b-line. Again, ethereal piano keys accompany our groove, this time stacked and reverbed to the nines for a haunting echoing effect. Pushing and pulling with smug prowl yet elegant prance, Split Music hits dancefloors and heart strings with equal effect.

To close, the house-fueled Travolta turns Arpegio into a sexy and vibrant three piece as dramatic synth stabs pound against tinny drum rolls and a penetrating bass destined for late night antics. Much like this EP’s title hints, Dani Casarano and Felipe Venegas’s three track sequence works intrinsically for a seductive package from Cadenza Lab.

All tracks written and produced by Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzuela for Cadenza Lab.

CAL 006