London calling for the Vagabundos crew, come out of the cupboard you boys and girls!

On 5 May Luciano and us jolly Vagabundos members will parade through the streets of London, like the pied piper, playing music to lead all of the city's deviants and misfits to a secret place for a decadent house and techno party.

It will be the first ever Vagabundos event in London, so we'll be putting on quite a show with a specially built Vagabundos stage and an extra powerful soundsystem. Dearest Luciano will play a three hour set, our jolly friend Reboot will play a live set, and Cadenza heroes Maayan Nidam and Alex Picone will also play some lovely records. All in all, it should be a fabulously dangerous knees up.

And seeing as this event is taking place in a country with more top hats than any other, it should be a proper Vagabundos night.

Cadenza Vagabundos @ Secret London Location
May 5 2012

Maayan Nidam
Alex Picone

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Vagabundos first UK show May