Joyful Process
Cadenza 75

If you were at a party and someone offered you 'joy' would you take it? Perhaps. And if you took joy how do you think you would feel, besides presumably joyous? Most likely you'd feel slightly guilty because, in our hearts, deep down, we know that true joy cannot come from a quick fix.

In life real pleasure comes from the process: the joy is in the journey. DJs and producers understand this. To sit all day in a studio and work with wires, computers, and instruments to create a beautiful song that came straight from your mind is a genuine pleasure.

Now imagine if a studio engineer handed you the exact same track produced by someone else, but it had your name on it. Do you think you would still feel the same joy? No, because even though the end result - the song - was still the same, no pleasure would have come from it because you did not create it. You did not go through the process.

The same is true of DJing. To take a crowd of a thousand strangers on a journey through rhythms and music that you select and mix, is in our opinion one of life's greatest pleasures. But if at the beginning of your set your music got stuck on an infinite loop and the crowd continued to dance unknowingly for two hours to that loop, and they were full of energy and happy, would you still feel joy at the end of your set? No, because you did not do anything. There was no process.

So there you have it: a tenuous link to the title of our latest EP from Laps.

Laps 'Joyful Process'

A - Joyful Process
B - This Broken Heart

A - Laps from Digitaline continues his solo expedition with this psychedelic house number. The Swiss producer layers rollicking organic house grooves with a weird vocal from a lady who sounds like she's lost in a house of bubbles. Her lyrics will mean different things to you depending on the time of day, the frame of mind you're in, and the people you're with.

B - Despite its tempo, This Broken Heart plays out like a fun rant from a robot who is somewhat sad, somewhat pissed off. Maybe he lost a screw or his tin opener of a girlfriend. Regardless this box can sing quite beautifully in harmony, and when combined with Laps' swinging, funky bass and locked down house beats, it makes for a hypnotic semi-conscious machine groove.

Cadenza 75