Beautiful Parasite
Cadenza 76

The inside of a man's gut is not a pretty place and yet some creatures call it home. They live, they breathe, they eat, they hang out, they multiply - all inside the intestines of their unfortunate hosts.

But not all parasites are bad. Whilst they are nature's equivalent of a random dude partying on your bar tab, they do serve an important evolutionary purpose.

Our dear friend Reboot from Frankfurt thinks some parasites are beautiful. Of course, not wanting him to come off sounding like a crazy drunk, we think the title of his new Cadenza EP is actually a very sober and carefully thought out analogy between house music and the previously mentioned parasitus.

See house music is a feeling, we know that. It lives inside of us. It wiggles its way up from your feet to your spine and all the way into your brain. It easily passes from one being to another, much like a parasite, and right now it is spreading throughout the global body politic, undetected for the most part.

Is this a far fetched story? Probably. But we are dreamers.

A - There's an unmistakable wormy edge to Reboot's lead track. The rhythm is wriggly, with percussion that rattles and snakes its way through your body through layers of transluscent synthesizers. The beats and poly-percussion act like a thousand legs, pushing the sweet, soft melody forwards. What a beauty she is. Like a rainbow on a cold winter's day, Reboot's gentle harp-sounding keys captivate from their very first appearance and it's hard to imagine the world being beautiful without it.

B - Robert Dietz says his Infected Mix is like "the twisted evil product of the Parasite". With elements of electro and twinges of acid, it does away with the ecstasy of the original and slows the groove down to a gentle infectious late night plod. His worm came from a 303.

C - Cesar Merveille's Remix borrows some of the original's magical vibe, but flips the euphoria on its head to create a weird and wonky, almost childlike, definitely circus-like, movement. Remember his stunning Guti collaboration 'Maayancholy' from last year? This has the same gentle hypnotism.

D - The digital bonus 'In The Sky' is a proper BONUS. Sultry female vocals and a catchy percussive house loop slowly but surely lead the way to an epic ending. "Put Your Loving Arms Around Me" she says, and the crowd swallows you whole.

Cadenza 76