Crazy head fuck house alert: Cadenza's Mirko Loko has teamed up with the vocalist Jaw from French mental trio dOP, and classical pianist Francesco Tristano, for a new two tracker due out 7 May on Visionquest.

We've heard the promo and our best fears have been confirmed: the release is a complete blood bath of club psychedelia.

The first track, Harder, features Jaw rabbling on and on about who-knows-what - love, sex and naughty things - whilst Mirko Loko digs into the deepest recesses of his clearly depraved brain, to create a backdrop of bubbly futurist house/techno weirdness.

From low-slung trippy beats, to nasty-as-hell edgy basslines, the track clearly has no respect for dancefloor conventions, or humanity. It's positively preposterous!

The second track is like an irresistible slut with low music morals. Francesco Tristano has probably done more than anyone else to bring the piano into the electronic music space thanks to his outstanding collaborations with Carl Craig and Mortiz von Ozwald, and here he provides a loose, free, and beautifully random jazzy piano movement, that is the perfect counterpoint to Mirko's delirious techno wonk. They really let their minds run free on this one.

Go Mirko!

Mirko Loko's forthcoming Visionquest release