Cadenza's Vagabundos will take over New York City in August with a stage at Electric Zoo festival. We'll be hosting the so-called Sunday School Groove area on the Friday, with our usual chaotic blend of didactic hedonism, house/techno debauchery, and dance psychedelia.

Luciano, Reboot, Argy, Frivolous, Mendo, and Robert Dietz will all be there on the day instructing in the ways of the Cadenza force.

So break out your top hats New York. Make way, for the Vagabundos are coming for a glorious rumble in the concrete jungle!

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Vagabundos @ Electric Zoo
Friday 31 August
Randall's Island Park, New York

Frivolous live
Robert Dietz

Vagabundos head to NYC's Electric Zoo Festival