Dandy Jack is renowned worldwide as much for his musical productions as he is for his organizational work in electronic music, a scene which he has been involved in since 1989. A talented music mechanic, Dandy Jack calls both Berlin and Santiago de Chile his home, and he is continually on the move which has resulted in a systematic negation of nationalistic conventions.

In the late 1980s, Dandy Jack together with his fellow World citizen Atom Heart designed particle house structures under their music project Gon. In the 1990s he explored micro-electronics, and was a sound design consultant for Spanish artist Marceli Antúnez Roca, who worked with Dandy Jack on her digital-mechanical performance Epizoo, which premiered in 1994 in Florence, Italy. Dandy also founded the label Ruta 5 in 1997, as an outlet for music from countries outside of the "Germany-USA monopoly".

Many of Dandy Jack's projects intensify the link between electronic music and Latin sounds and rhythms. He has developed a wide range of contemporary musical styles which demonstrate his great understanding of music and of his passion for electronic sounds. As a musician he released many individual projects including Dandy Jack and the Cosmic Trousers in 1997, and Dandy Jack and the Plastic Women in 1998, both for the label Rather Interesting. He has also released three records on Perlon, Dandy Jack and the Latin Lava (2001), Dandy Jack and the Junction SM (2004), and Dandy Jack and the Metrome Allstars (2011).

Dandy's unique vision of the multiplicity of sounds has led him to develop many different projects together with a wide range of talented artists. Such projects include Ric y Martin with Ricardo Villalobos, Amp with Pete Namlook, Sieg über die Sonne with Tobias Freund, Gonzalo Martinez with Jorge Gonzales, John Keys with Andres Garcia, Carabina 30:30 with Luciano, and Los Refrescos with Argenis Britos. Dandy Jack is also part of the Ricardo Villalobos founded project Narod Niki, the jam laptop supergroup which includes Dimbiman, Luciano, Daniel Bell, Cabanne, Richie Hawtin, Akufen and Ricardo Villalobos.

The most recent and amazing news is that Dandy Jack has just joined Luciano and the Vagabundos for a collaboration, from which a magical new sound is expected to be unveiled during the summer this year in Ibiza.


Dandy Jack feat. Los Updates - Ballard (John Keys Vocal Mix)
Dandy Jack - Rebirth EP - [Caduceus Records] (May 2012)
Dandy Jack - My Tent [Perlon]


2011 - Dandy Jack and the Metrome Allstars – My Tent - Superlongevity 5 compilation [Perlon]
2010 - Dandy Jack and the Boo-kings – Slugger – 12" EP [Ruta5]
2010 - Dandy Jack and the Metronome Allstars – 39 steps - 12" EP [Ruta5]


2010 - Danksoul – Dandy Jack and the Queen of Mars remix [Danksoul Recordings]
2010 - Italoboyz – Taka Taka Tashhh – Dandy Jack remix [Mothership]


2010 – Ric y Martin (with Ricardo Villalobos) - Camino Ensenada & Teiwass – 12" EP [Alphahouse]
2009 - John Keys (with Andres Garcia) - Ballad - 12" EP [Kalk Pets]
2008 - Junction SM (with Sonja Moonear) - Radio Calypso - Overview compilation [Lessizmore]

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Andres Garcia - Lembran [Ruta5]
Sieg über die Sonne - Regular (Original mix) [Cynsure Recordings]
Sieg über die Sonne - Klonk 91 - (Original mix) [Cynsure Recordings]
Roiman - Goodbye Bunny - (Brandt Brauer) [Kalk Pets]
Adil Hiani - Les Moutons Ivres [Cosmo Records]
Wareika - Jazz Shaman [Circus Company]
Tobias - Free No.1 [Ostgut]
Evandro - Maluco (Sonja Moonear Soul Friction Rmx) [Kalk Pets 17]
Daniel Stefanik - Six [Kann Records]
Blue Fields - Carmens Ghost [Haunt]

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