Clara Ghavami Extended
Cadenza 5.5

Once again, Cadenza comes on strong with a powerful and unconventional floor-filler, proving that minimal music needn’t be a predictable affair of plug-ins, gratuitous reverb, and garish bit reduction.

In its first limited-run, one-sided single, Cadenza revisits last year’s Max Binski EP from NSI (Non Standard Institut) - the duo of Tobias Freund (Pink Elln, Sieg Über die Sonne) and Max Loderbauer (Sun Electric), with a 13 minute edit by Freund and Luciano.

The edit takes Clara Ghavami, a sleeper cut off the B-side of the NSI EP, out of the isolation tank and into a crazy, heaving landscape of fluid shapes and odd angles. Underpinning it all is an irresistible rhythm that’s pure Luciano, powered by a stuttering kick drum and some antennae-like, hypersyncopated squiggles.

It pumps away like a legion of army ants, carrying exponentially more than its own weight. All those shuffling feet are joined by a woozy churning in the middle distance, tumbling over and over like a carousel come unhinged. And soaring magic-carpet style through the stratosphere comes the hook, a Middle Eastern melody line that works the dancefloor like the Pied Piper leading a conga line.

Hip-shakingly hypnotic, the tune builds and builds and builds, breaking open around the five-minute mark with quietly riotous hi-hats and an insistent snare marking time until total meltdown. Groovy and not a little bit sinister, Cadenza 5.5 is like a circle dance for the apocalypse, a soundtrack for communion amidst the great unraveling.

Luciano & Tobias Freund Edit of N.S.I.’s Original Track

Cadenza 5.5