Cadenza 72

Bearing the name as one of the most influential and highly rated electronic artists from the Spanish scene, Uner joins Cadenza for the first time with the two piece Palua EP. Clocking up some flawless releases over the last few years on imprints such as Diynamic, 2020 Vision, Get Physical or Defected among others, Uner's percussion and funk-led productions have caught the ears of many, and Cadenza proudly welcome him aboard in the opening weeks of 2012.

The EP's A-side Pallene marks itself with an insatiably rhythmic appetite. Bongos tap, tom drums echo and shakers hiss through the opening moments, underpinned by a simple yet provoking piano melody. Winding along at a pitter patter pace, Uner's live percussion performed alongside Nacho Gonzalez make for an elegant and classic atmosphere.

As Pallene and its bellowing kick wriggle along sensually through scattered doubled keys, warm synths and shimmering hi-hats, it takes on a dancefloor worthy interpretation of classic Latino Glamour.

Joined by B-side Cocoua, the Palua EP retains its wriggling sensuality with pounding kicks and high contrasting hats and shakers. Building demurely with a rising bassline that mocks the clattering cymbal crashes, Cocoua swings into dusky late night vibes as a melodic chord pattern makes its entrance. Gloriously simple in its stabbing arrangement. Cocoua fels hypnotic, timeless, and sexy, and it is the perfect companion for Pallene.

Written & produced by Uner. Mastered by Simon Francis @ Wired Masters, London. Artwork by Amelie Nicolet. (p) & (c) Cadenza Records 2012 - All rights reserved. Publishing by Cadenza Publishing and EMI Publishing.

Cadenza 72