Cadenza 17

At Cadenza Records, the pendulum is always swinging between family members and favored initiates. With Cadenza 15, we watched recent signings Andomat 3000 & Jan, who made their debut with Entr'acte Music on Cadenza 12, take broad strides in developing their own sound. Now their "classmates" Pikaya (Daniel Ramm and Frank Greiner), first featured on the same single with GrĂ¼ne Raufaser, step forward with their own followup. Clearly, they're freshmen no more: the two tracks they've given us, Jedi and Fango, are grand, regal tunes displaying all the pomp and circumstance befitting spring graduation.

Pikaya take to the A - side with a flourish of robes and flashing beams of light. Jedi is not the track you're looking for...wait, no it absolutely is the track you're looking for - all mind tricks aside. Kicking off with a sparse drum pattern, it quickly shifts from a measured andante to an easy jog, as resonant synths and sweeping filters whip up desert winds and high drama. High, lonesome counterpoints and a moody chord progression carry the faintest whiff of Ennio Morricone's outlaw music, and playful trills - you could almost swear they were birdcalls - suggest a secret oasis hidden just behind the next hill.

If you find Jedi cinematic, then Fango will really blow your wide-screen mind. Starting with a rhythmic underpinning that's everything you've come to expect from a Cadenza track - tight, ultra-kinetic, just a little bit jittery - Pikaya build up layer upon layer of hazy pads and cool arpeggios that shimmer like the aurora borealis. Bullfrog-throated horns occasionally burst in with a fat, amicable fanfare, announcing the arrival of the peak hour. Great unison handclaps play off against heel-kicking syncopations: madness ensues. And then everything slowly, imperceptibly smears together and loses focus, and the tune fades flickeringly away. Talk about a double feature! Now playing on a turntable near you...

All tracks are written and produced by Frank Greiner Grimm and Daniel Ramm for Cadenza Records. Published by Copyright Control / (p) & (c) Cadenza Records 2007. Mastered by Rashad, Dubplates and Mastering. Distributed worldwide by www.wordandsound.net.

Cadenza 17