We are glad to present this Source to Cycle podcast from Calou, a duo formed by two young Dj’s (Alexander Allemann & Werner Favila Wahlen) coming from a small forest near Bern (Switzerland). They had produced their first sounds in there, between the trees, under the bridges and on the streets of Bern. With their crew "Fraktion-Tanz" they conquered the city with legendary raves all around the town (as a part of "Tanz dich Frei" or "Brückenkinder" for example). The secret of Calou's music is the unbreakable will to groove. All they are focused on is the elementary sense of dance music, the secret rhythm. That's the essence of they're releases on "Fraktion-Tanz Audio" and "Innocent music". Enjoy this 2 mixes!

Source To Cycle by Calou