Cesar Merveille takes the low road on this week's Source To Cycle podcast, and exposes the dirty underbelly of house and techno in this raw undiluted Cycle mix.

Having begun his DJ career spinning records in London's legendary sleazy hole-in-the-wall - the now defunct T Bar (as well as places like Lo*kee and Fabric) - Cesar has grown accustomed to playing at such naughty events and whenever he does find himself playing in more conventional surroundings, he'll take control of the party like no other. He is always the last man standing (just ask the unfortunate promoters that have to put up with his boundless enthusiasm).

Perhaps that might explain why Cesar Merveille plays the way he does. Instead of pushing energy levels beyond their natural place, Cesar uses his music to entice, coerce, and tickle the dancefloor into choosing which door, which path, which groove to take. The choice is always theirs, as Cesar Merveille is not the sort of DJ to ram something unsavory down our throats. He understands how to run a marathon, and as this podcast demonstrates, it always flows very smoothly.

Source To Cycle by Cesar Merveille