Chilean electronic music pioneer Dandy Jack is the kind of person you do want to meet down a dark alley. He'll lure you into the nightclub next door with sublime empiricist rhythms that just seem to elevate and enlighten the world, like a beautiful and mysterious orb of light that moves through time and space.

He's a true poet of electronic energy - a constructor of worlds that are both as viscerally rich as they are intellectually provocative. Quite often, you find yourself listening and dancing to Dandy Jack wondering if it really is possible to go as deep as he demands of you. And that's the thing about Dandy Jack - he expects certain things from you as a listener or dancer. Passivity is not an option. You have to bring something to the table - an open mind, a flight of fancy, a willingness to consume or be consumed.

Listen to Dandy Jack's Cycle mix, and you will be both bodily entranced and cognitively challenged. His mix moves through layers of buzzing radioactive frequencies, microscopically precise percussion, and swinging high energy grooves that never seem to touch the edges of any known and accepted electronic music norms.

The reason why he can provide such a unique journey is because he has always been an artist of freedom. From his work with Ricardo Villalobos as Ric y Martin, to his Carabina 30:30 project with Luciano, Gon with Uwe Schmidt, Amp with Peter Namlook, Gonzalo Martinez with Jorge Gonzalez, and Narod Niki, the live techno project that he participated in with Hawtin, Villalobos, and Monolake, Dandy Jack has always been an explorer of electronic sounds.

He has also seen a lot and done a lot. He started his lifelong love affair with electronic music in 1989, and as well as being a producer and a DJ, he ran a club called Microman, and promoted large scale events in his home country including Encuentro de la Technocultura and Mutek Chile.

Dandy Jack's Cycle mix contains mostly his own material. As well as his solo work, his mix contains music from Sieg Über Die Sonne, the live act that he runs with Tobias Freund, and John keys, the double act he created with Adres Garcia. It's innately danceable.

His Source mix is a delightful thing to listen to too. From stunning piano pieces to broken beat, jazz, early techno, and warped electronica, it's a true journey for the senses, and provides some insight into what makes the mind of Dandy Jack tick.

Source To Cycle by Dandy Jack