This week's special guest on the Source to Cycle is Ezikiel.

Hailing from Negril’s Beach in Jamaica, Ezikiel was raised on the reggae and dub sounds so synonomous with the island. At the tender age of 14, Ezikiel picked up the DJing bug, firstly mixing up drum n bass and jungle sounds, and then moving his attentions to the minimal techno sounds of Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin.

Moving to Zurich in Switzerland in 2006 enabled his talents to be put to good use at local clubs like the Hive Club, DekaDance and the legendary Street Parade.

Now having joined the Aether Artist roster, and plans afoot for a forthcoming single on Cadenza, Ezikiel look sset to make a real name for himself, through his own music productions and through his DJ sets, so check it out for yourselves on this weeks Source to Cycle podcast, from Ezikiel.

Track list Cycle

1    Bastien,Kaiq - Cabanna          
2    Paul C,Paolo Martini - Flying lizard      
3    Rampa - AY            
4    Martin Buttrich - Monkey Troopers      
5    Santè - Come out to play  
6    Shlomi Aber = Slack Tide    
7   &me - Black  noise remix    
8    Superjunk - Mood is good    
9    Feilpe Venegas - Ozinaga    
10  Ezikiel - Missira      
11  Ezikiel - Profumo di primavera    

Track list Source

1   African head charge - Snakeskin Tracksuit        
2   Jimi Hendrix - Coming down hard on me baby  
3   The Doors - Riders on the storm          
3   Leddobi - Wa Diour Yi                    
4   B.B King - Breaking up somebody's Home        
5   Joao Bosco - Vatapà                        
6   Tiken Jah Fakoly - African Revolution            
7   Sona Jobarteh - Mamakè                            
8   Unitedroots & culture artist - Cheik ahmadou bamba                        
9   The Neville Brothers - Voodoo        
10 Chico Cesar - Mama Africa          
11 Fodè Sissoko The Fakoly - Stranger in your land        
12 Burning Spear - Invasion            
13 Tales of Mozambique - Wicked Babylon  

Source To Cycle by Ezikiel