We welcome Fabrizio Maurizi to this week's Source to Cycle podcast. A native of Bologna, Italy, Fabrizio is heavily influenced by the pure techno sounds from Detroit, and after a brief spell as part of the illegal rave scene in Bologna, Fabrizio has focused on the more legitimate clubs and also on his skills in the studio.

Releases and remixes for labels like Minus, BPitch, Highgrade and WYS! have been very well received, and in 2007, Fabrizio, alongside Idriss D, set up the Memento Records label, home to releases by the likes of Argy & Alex Piccone, Okain, Mirko Loko, Lee Van Dowski and both Idriss D and Fabrizio, under his Roger pseudonym.

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Source To Cycle by Fabrizio Maurizi