Francisco Allendes is a Chilean electronic music producer and DJ, who alongside Marcelo Rosselot, founded Chile's first vinyl and digital record label based in Chile, called Andes Music.

He currently lives in Ibiza, and regularly plays sets at underground parties on the island. Allendes' most recent contribution to the Cadenza family was an EP called 'Tiago' on Cadenza Lab, which he co-produced with Yaya. He also released the magnificent, gorgeous, sunny and hypnotic house track 'Llovizna' on Cadenza in 2009, which was a big hit in Ibiza.

Allendes and Rosselt, through their label, are committed to promoting music and artists from South America, and you can hear that Latin-American influence throughout Allendes' Cycle set. Working in tracks from Miguel Lobo & Ramiro Lopez, Yaya, The Jahbas, Re-Up, Max Piske, Vlad Caia, and more, the grooves are deep, absorbing and full of exotic techno/house flavourings. His Cycle set also features one of Allendes and Rosselot's new cuts, 'Juan de la Verdad'.

The way Allendes works his rhythms, in some ways, is reminiscent of the way Ricardo Villalobos plays with sound - free flowing, rich in texture, intellectual and intense, with a South American swing in his hips.

On Allendes Source mix takes in four tracks from the late, great Frank Zappa, Fela Kuti, The Revenge, King Crimson, Super Flu and Amplified Orchestra.


Miguel Lobo & Ramiro Lopez - Letters from the Other Side
Yaya - Never Alone (tINI remix)
The Jahbas - Latern Org
Re-Up - Wanna Get
Marcelo Rosselot feat. Francisco Allendes - Juan de la Verdad
Max Piske - What You Want
Vlad Caia - Morethenyourself
Sean Random - Box- In
Nuria Ghia - On The Way (Francisco Allendes remix)
Robosonic - Thankfull
Chris Carrier - I'm in Love Today


Frank Zappa - Rap Intro
Eddie C - Give me your Dub
Maayan Nidam - Merry Go Round
Amplified Orchestra - The Fighting Spirit
The Revenge - Hotz 4 U
Pier Bucci & Los Updates - La Cortina de Hierro y el Pajaro Cantor
Return to Forever - Captain Marvel
Fela Kuti - African Battle
First Moog Quartet - Shank
Frank Zappa - Sleep Dirt
Frank Zappa - Uncle Remus
Shakti - Mind Ecology
King Crimson - Cadence and Cascade
Frank Zappa - What's the Ugliest Part of your Body
Super Flu - Postludium (Schoen War's)

Source To Cycle by Francisco Allendes