Our very special on this week’s Cadenza Music Source to Cycle podcast guest is Idriss D.

With a career that started in France, but spent predominantly in Italy, Idriss has become as hugely popular name on the circuit over the last few years, playing regularly at clubs like Echoes, Cocorico and Red Zone.

Along with Fabrizio Maurizi, Idriss set up the Memento label in 2006, and has gone on to become a highly respected label that has released music from the likes of Argy, Okain, Blue Mondays, gAs and Idriss himself. As a producer, Idriss has kept his productions exclusively for Memento.

With DJ gigs coming up at Watergate and Cocorico this month, his Source to Cycle, recorded as a vinyl only Source set, and mixed on CDs for his Cycle set, perfectly encapsulates the current sounds and the influences from back in the day that showcases his style.


Source To Cycle by Idriss D