This week, we welcome a true electronic pioneer to the Cadenza Music Source to Cycle podcast. Korrupt Data is the relatively new project from Kirk Degiorgio, the British electronic producer and DJ, whom has released an album and singles exclusively under this name for Carl Craig’s Planet E label.

However, Kirk’s history with the music goes all the way back to the 1980s, cutting his DJ teeth on the electro and breakdance scene. By the early 1990s, Kirk was producing an outstanding amount of innovative music under many names such as Future/Past, Esoterik, As One and Critical Phase, as well as running the ART label and releasing early material from seminal artists like The Black Dog, Aphex Twin and Stasis.

Kirk launched the popular Machine nights with fellow British techno don, Ben Sims, in 2011, and he continues to DJ and perform live around the world every week, and on this week’s Source to Cycle, he delves into his Korrupt Data guise for a glimpse into the sounds and styles that are shaping the project.

Source To Cycle by Korrupt Data AKA Kirk Degiorgio