Subtlety triumphs in this week's Source To Cycle podcast, as Denmark-based producer and DJ Martinez guides us through his Cycle with precise yet graceful changes in rhythm, tone, and pace.

Martinez produced an EP for Cadenza last year, and soon he will have another EP out on Cadenza Lab. Here, with the smoothness of a ripe avocado, Martinez moves through layers of broken beat, deep emotional house and techno, funky double bass grooves, and even guitar driven numbers on his futurist mix.

His tracklist include cuts from Alex Celler, Michael Melchner, Boola, Mathias Kaden, and Ricardo Villalobos, and it also features Valentino Kanzyani's forthcoming Cadenza track 'Woodoo Samba', wicked as it is.

The way Martinez blends his rhythms it's clear Martinez is a smoothie man behind the decks. He switches basslines, kick drums, hi hats, and rhythm structures with the deftness of a pick pocket who leaves you in a permanent state of bewilderment. In the end you're left disorientated, drifting from beat to drop, wondering where one track ends and the next one begins, at the mercy of Martinez. Before long you're lost, swallowed whole by the magic show.

Cycle Tracklist:

Unknown Artist - The Run DMC Typ - (Alex Celler Edit)
Faster - Intors - (Livio & Roby Remix)
Marcman - Risturi
Michael Melchner - Spoiled
Livio & Roby - Where You Want To Go
Boola - Take Your Chance
Alex Celler - Hapax Legomenon
Valentino Kanzyani - Woodoo Samba
Martinez - Lonely Crowd
Mar-T - Who's Got Samba - (Alex Celler Z8000 Dub)
Boola - Vazile
Wareika - (Mathias Kaden's The Red Sun Into The F55o:r3e5st Remix
Onno - Paragroove - (Dyed Soundorom Remix)
Daniela La Luz - Simply Everywhere (Jorge Savoretti Remix1)
Ricardo Villalobos - Waiworinao

Source Tracklist:

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Moon
Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues - (Make Me Wanna Holler
Erykah Badu - Didn't Cha Know
Roots Combination - Painful Dub
Gang Starr - Skills
The Stone Roses - Fools Gold
Depeche Mode - Walking In My Shoes (Anandamidic Mix)
The Cure - Lullaby - (Extended Mix)
Future Sound of London - Dead Skin Cells
Goldie & Metalheadz - InnerCity Life - (Full Length Mix)
Massive Attack - Teardrop

Source To Cycle by Martinez