This week’s special guest on the Cadenza Source to Cycle is Moodymanc.

Also known as Danny Ward, Moodymanc has been a mainstay on the British house scene for many years. His first releases appeared on Ralph Lawson’s 2020 Vision label, and the highly skilled producer and drummer has also been prolific with his Dubble D project, and as the drummer for the live 2020 Soundsystem show.

Further releases for labels like Dessouns, Tsuba, Third Ear and Rebellion have also highly impressed, and as a DJ, Moodymanc has played all over the world, including spots at Tresor in Berlin, Electric Elephant in Croatia and Space in Ibiza, to name a few.

Cycle Tracklist
1. AtJazz "Does this Qualify"
2. Admin "Slick Back"
3. Shur-i-kan "Away"
4. Lenny Middles v. Moodymanc "Mirror"
5. Nils Penner "The Thing"
6. Ricky Indo ""big dub and a smile" (demarkus lewis re-mix)
7. Christian Neilsen "Slanguage"
8. Shinedoe "Circle of Life"
9. Dubble D "Morning"
10. Jaoco Cabrin "La Susi"
11. Melohman "El Camino"
12. Audiojack "Machine Code"
13. Block and crown "I've got the Beat" (Speed Garage Version)
14. West Norwood Cassette Library "Queen Bee"

Source Tracklist
1. Colin Walcott, Don Cherry, Nana Vasconcelos-"Hey Da Ba Doom"
2. Freddie Hubbard-"Red Clay"
3. Duke Pearson-"Stormy"
4. Joe Arroyo-"La Guerra de Los Callados"
5. WAR-"War is Coming"
6. The Meters-"I just kissed my baby!"
7. Manu Dibango-"New Bell"
8. Rampage-"Get the Money and Dip"
9. Slim Smith-"Rougher Yet"
10. Michael Wycroff-"Lookin' Up to You"
11. John Coltrane-"Tunji"

Source To Cycle by Moodymanc