This week our special guest is Pablo Marco. Originally from Spain, Pablo discovered the art of DJing and the electronic music scene after an upbringing playing the classical guitar. A move to London to study sound encouraged him to develop his DJ career, playing in the capital’s many bars and clubs, and working on his production techniques. Releases on VIVa Music, Kina and Kommunikation have followed, and he’s recently hooked up with the Florida born Hash Hendrex to both produce and DJ alongside. Their ‘Déjà Vu’ EP is out now on our Cadenza Lab label, available here:

Cycle tracklist:
01-Ion Ludwig - Cycled End
03- Petre Inspirescu - Cupidon
04- Coldfish - Aino Lane (Andy Kolwes )
05-Lemos& Kreon- Lookoosphere (Ion Ludwig Remix)
06-Tony Allen- African Man (Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer Remix)
07-Raresh-Vivaltu (Petre Inspirescu Remix)
08-Petre Inspirescu - Acitune!
09-Percussions - KHLHI
10-Stablo n9999
11-Dewalta Background Be
12-Two Lone Swordsmen - Gay Spunk

Source tracklist:
Intro-Allan Watts Speech
01- Susumo Yokota - Uchu Tanjyo - Sakura
02-Massive Attack - Two Rocks and a Cup of Water
03-Eric Satie - Gymnopedie 1
04-Bebo Valdes - Siboney
05-Paco de Lucia - Entre dos Aguas
06- Mulatu Astake - Ebo lala
07-Sexual Healing - Devon Rusell
08-Herbert - Suddenly
09-Saint Germain - Rose Rouge
10-Hombre Ojo - La Musica
11-Ricardo Villalobos - True to myself
12-Monne Automne - Quillin
13-Luciano - Coquillage
14- Aphex Twin - Cliffs (1043 mix reworked by wisp)
15-Telefon Telaviv- Introductory nomenclature

Source To Cycle by Pablo Marco