Welcome back to the Cadenza Music Source to Cycle podcast. From ballet dancing, to DJing, Paola Poletto has always had a huge creative streak, and it is her DJ career that she chose to pursue. Born in Turin, she now resides on the magical island of Ibiza, where she regulary DJs, and produces music alongside Francisco Allendes for labels like Desolat and Viva.

So, let’s get straight into the music, this weeks Source to Cycle from Paola Poletto.

Cycle Tracklist

Speech Anne Hilde_Listening to vinyl WITH EFFECT
tINI - Room 305 - DESOLAT 025
BAO_A2 Sable Sheep - Harvest My Soul
Tuccillo Graff RMX_Michael Whitehead - Under My Spell
Livio & Roby_Suddenly in the rabbit hole
Francisco Allendes_Paola Poletto_Desolat_B1 Gatto Pushon
Paola Poletto RMX_Ernest & Balien_Gracias No tengo Habre (Master Muzicasa)
Alex Noto_Roll It_DJ WILD Remix
Alexkid - Euclidean
Francisco Allendes Paola poletto - Smell Of The City_REMIX.ORIONMaster
Speech Matias de Stefano Indigo (Francisco Allendes & Paola Poletto for VIva Music)

Source Tracklist

INTRO_First Choice_Love and Happiness
Double Dee - Found Love
Rozalla - Faith (In the Power of Love)
Inner City - Good Life
Technotronic - Pump up the Jam
FPI Project - Everybody
Marrs - Pump Up The Volume (Extended Version)
C+C Music Factory 01 Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem)
Night Crawlers - Push The Feeling On (Radio Edit)
Cece Peniston - Finally
Dee Lite - Groove is in the heart

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Source To Cycle by Paola Poletto