Welcome back to the Cadenza Music Source to Cycle podcast. Rob Mello is a DJ and producer that has been right at the epicenter of the British house movement since the early 90s. Along with Zaki Dee, Rob made up one half of Disco Elements, Jump Cutz, House Of Whacks and Sensory Elements, releasing a slew of groundbreaking disco cut up records on the labels Luxury Service and Azuli.

Rob also contributed to the widely acclaimed Black Science Orchestra project, alongside Ashley Beedle and others.

As a solo artist, Rob has become synonymous with the Classic Recording Company, the label owned by Derrick Carter & Luke Solomon, with Rob releasing various singles for Classic over the years. Rob has also moved into film score work over the years, working alongside Matthew Herbert on the 1999 film Human Traffic amongst others.


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Source To Cycle by Rob Mello