Our special guest on this edition of the Cadenza Music Source to Cycle podcast is Tripmastaz.

Originating from St. Petersburg music scene, and emerging as one of the more renowned Russian dance music, Tripmastaz has released music for Richie Hawtin’s Minus imprint, DJ Sneak’s own Magnetic Records, as well as other appearances on Cécille Records, Desolat and Shanti. Aside from his productions, Tripmastaz who runs his own labels, 74 Records and the vinyl only Tripmastaz label, has also held a residency at the impressive rooftop party Techno Gipsy since 2013, a further accreditation to his career as a Producer and DJ.

With a new single out this week on our Cadenza Lab label, it’s the perfect time to welcome him onto our podcast, so let’s get into the music, with our special guest, Tripmastaz.



Source To Cycle by Tripmastaz