Into The Aether (Part One)
Luciano & Friends

Cadenza head honcho, Luciano, often collaborates with many other artists, his constant touring schedule blessing him the opportunity to write and produce music with a multitude of like minded producers, and on “Into The Aether”, we get the first part of a two part series of tracks composed with various other Cadenza personnel.

“Arizona Green Song” sees Luciano and Marlowe (AKA Laurent Bovey) get together for a vibrant and busy freak out. A plethora of rattling and sharp percussion cuts through a simple melody line and low slung groove. Building over ten tantric minutes, dubby inflections and hidden voices are woven into the detailed arrangement to great effect.

A collaboration with Dani Casarano results in “Bell’s & Tonic”, a slower paced vibe here, but with plenty of funk, from it’s bending bass line and hand claps to the deft organ touches and shuffling shakers. A world within is created here, again distant voices, rattling cow bells and (yes) livestock and other field recordings are layered here to create a unique ambience.

Uncompromising and original music then, from Cadenza’s boss and friends. Expect a ‘Part Two’ to be released in the coming months….

A. Luciano & Marlowe – Arizona Green Song
B. Luciano & Dani Casarano – Bell’s & Tonic

Released by: Cadenza Records
Release/catalogue number: Cadenza93
Release date: Mar 31, 2014