Felipe Valenzuela, Dani Casarano

Following a three year hiatus from Cadenza, the label is delighted to welcome back Felipe Valenzuela and Dani Casarano for a third release on Luciano’s imprint.

Both producers are respected individually for their prowess in the studio and as DJs, but as a combined force collaborate with magical effect in the studio. Together the pair run Melisma Records and consider each other as musical soulmates. The pair’s familiarity with dance floors across the world is reflected in these two tracks for Cadenza, continuing the labels rich musical history of electronic dance music fit for all purposes.

‘Instinct’ opens the release with an instant bubbling groove, supported by a groovy bass melody, crunching claps and shimmering rides, dancing around the tracks core rhythm. Subtle drum edits, reverberating snares and warm pads grab the listener’s attention, whilst the tracks central rhythm maintains the pulse and lively feel of this exceptional production. A versatile slice of intricate house music that will find it’s way into many sets this summer.

‘Impulse’ sees the pair venture into more avant-garde territory; exploring themes of dissonance, syncopation and tension and release. Lo-fi electronics and discordant pianos notes create a unique pallet of sounds responding to each other. Offbeat string arrangements and shimmering synths evolve over the 14+ minutes track duration.

Perfect headphone electronics with stacks of detail and fresh touches.

A. Instinct (Original Mix)
B. Impulse (Original Mix)