Love & Gratitude EP3

Valentino Kanzyani
Love & Gratitude EP3

A1. Viole(n)t Thoughts
B1. Automatique
C1. Chord Release
D1. Nesimtitule
Digital Only. Florence Berry
Digital Only. La Radio feat Naza
Digital Only. Feel Cute

Format : 12” vinyl/digital
Release date : 22.04.2013 (vinyl)
Release date : 22.04.2013 (digital)

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Valentino Kanzyani
Love & Gratitude (Continuous DJ mix CD)

01. Automatique
02. Woodoo Samba
03. La Radio feat. Naza
04. Florence Berry
05. Mirvan
06. Old School Romance feat. Ian F
07. El Circulo De La Vida Dub
08. Chord Release
09. Viole(n)t Thoughts
10. Chanta Lopez
11. Holi Revolver
12. Feel Cute
13. Nesimtitule

Format : CD/digital
Release date : 22.04.2013

Slovenian born Valentino Kanzyani has been one of Cadenza’s secret weapons over the last twelve months, already building a solid profile with the first two installments of his ‘Love & Gratiude’ series. And now he delivers the third, and final, part of this musical trilogy, with seven brand new tracks. Featuring on the double pack vinyl are four choice cuts, with the remaining tracks coming on digital download, and Valentino himself mixing a continuous ‘Love & Gratitude’ mix to be released on CD, featuring almost all of the compositions released on the series.

‘Viole(n)t Thoughts’ opens the vinyl pack, a sultry and smooth workout, its light percussion providing the melody, and a groove that is so intoxicating, its 14 minute tenure really hypnotises. ‘Automatique’ is a track that comes with grand design, cinematic string sweeps and deft keys shape the deep house rhythm, its filtered hats forever propelling things forward. On the second disc, ‘Chord Release’ continues to define Kanzyani’s sound, a minimal and dark pallette onto which sub-tropical effects and precision hits and claps are layered, but never over cooking the recipie, just on point and effective dance rhythms. And closing the vinyl EP is ‘Nesimtitule’, its disjointed arrangement providing the space for the vocal hits and wandering bass, and an elegant string breakdown, again giving filmatic qualities to his music that have been so prevalent in the Love & Gratitude series.

Released by: Cadenza
Release/catalogue number: Cadenza85