Davide Squillace

Davide Squillace, the Italian DJ and producer behind the This And That Lab and Hideout imprints, has kept up a hugely productive schedule since the 1990s, and lands on Luciano's Cadenza Music this fall with the Goiânia single release. Previous musical output on a multitude of labels such as Primate, his own Sketch Music & Minisketch labels, Ovum, Supernature and M_nus has also seen the artist collaborate with plenty; Guti, Martin Buttrich and Philip Bader are among those who he has conjured up some inventive and dancefloor-centric minimal electronic music with.

On the lead track Goiânia, Squillace opens up a highly musical pot of orchestral stabs and brass hits, morphing bottom end and freestyle synth licks, cavorting around a steady percussive beat to great effect. Blossom comes heavier in vibe, but maintaining the classical atmosphere developed on the EPs opener. Pizzicato synths play a call and response with dramatic strings whilst an electro tinged drum pattern and sizzling hats lay the foundations of a track with more than a nod to the classic House sounds developed on labels like Innervisions and Ibadan. Unit 9 closes the release, and Squillace goes on a Galactic ride through meteoritic bleeps and humungous pads for a cosmic and pacey Techno number, dubbing it up midway for a most enjoyable ride and a fitting closure to a classy release on Cadenza.