Peter Veneno EP
Francisco Allendes & Marcelo Rosselot

Chilean duo Francisco Allendes and Marcelo Rosselot were the first producers to release on Cadenza’s sister label, Cadenza Lab, following label boss Luciano’s initial offering. Their 2010 ‘Catrianca’ EP featured a couple of tropical tech house jams that hit the Ibiza dancefloors right in the gut – El Ladron De Mails in particular was a big track for the duo (even Giles Peterson was a fan of it).

Here on their new ‘Peter Veneno’ EP they refine that summer sound further still. ‘Peter Veneno’ features two unhurried and creative house jams that on the face of it, suggest the duo have a real confidence about the way their rhythms harness energy and inspire movement. The 11.39 lead track ‘Peter Veneno’ features a community-like approach to its arrangement. Imagine a circle of musicians, each one given the space to show off what they can add to a hypnotic tech house loop, like break-dancers at a B-boy meet. The vibe each sample, instrument or vocal adds to the mix is similarly tribal like, and the feeling they create together is akin to a live jam session that sucks you in.

The roots and influences of ‘Peter Veneno’ stretch far and wide, which will no doubt delight Ibiza regulars. There are sleazy jazz trumpet/saxophone moments, big drum sections, funky guitar solos, classical piano breakdowns, and chants from the wings, all powered by electronic loops and bleeps. You could say the track is a modern version of world music, an electronic ode to the joys of jamming, or simply, culturally confused.

The EP’s second track ‘Neo’ is more direct, and works its magic through a series of warped house loops, twisted indecipherable vocals and funky drums that combine to form a new kind of filtered disco. The loops are short and sweet, which keeps the energy high. And the filters are deliberately rough and edgy – like how an overexcited DJ might work some new filters for the first time. Groovy! As the tension builds through a repetitive vocal loop, ‘Neo’ digs its nails in and becomes undeniably exciting. Moodymann fans will surely dig it.