Lewis Boardman

As one of the resident DJs at Yousef’s Circus nights in his native Liverpool, Lewis Boardman has steadily carved out his own style and sound, both behind the turntables, as well as in the studio. With notable releases on labels like Play It Down, NRK and Souvenir, and remixes on Rekids and Renaissance, Lewis lands on Cadenza Lab with the “Rambunctious” EP.

Three tracks then from Lewis, all very dancefloor oriented, grabbing at the essential raw elements of House Music and working them to maximum effect. Opening track “Werk It” does what it says on the tin; finger snapping beats with shuffling hats, rising FX and incessant vocal hits, body music for the late night jackers!

“Home” is a hypnotizing slab of deep tribalism, the dense and brooding drums get lifted with tense strings, looping melody and distant vocal chops, whilst “Rubber Johnny”, with its rave-like stabs and concrete solid beats, works it like a proper Dub mix does, its swing reminiscent of those beloved Mood II Swing dubs of yesteryear.

Most definitely a trio of very useful cuts here for the more discerning house lovers….