Forgotten Poetry

Leão is one of the many aliases of Polish born Grzegorz Ochman, otherwise known as Robot Needs Oil. An assured production career since 2006 has landed him on labels such as John Acquaviva’s Definitive Recordings, Mono Recordings and Acker Records to name just a few.

Now based in Manchester, UK, his debut release for Luciano's Cadenza Lab label is brimming with fresh sounds and distinctive ideas.

Title track, “Forgotten Poetry” is a superb deep house track, cut from the same cloth as some of the classic Chicago house sounds of yesteryear. Evoking shades of Derrick Carter’s Rednail sound, the neuron pinging bleeps and deep stabs perform a dance ritual around the beat as the melody line builds and builds, the spacey atmosphere and otherworldly techno tropes really make for a very different and unique sounding track.

“Noiserimba” falls in a similar category. The playful percussive elements and mallet instruments carving out an irresistible melody, a distant repetitive tone acting as a homing device, drawing you into the neat and ever evolving arrangement.

Fresh house music from Cadenza Lab....

Label: Cadenza Lab
Artist: Leão
Title: Forgotten Poetry
Cat no. CAL026
UPC: 3614591133251

1. Forgotten Poetry
2. Noiserimba

Format: Digital Only
Release date: 23/03/15 (Beatport 2 week Exclusive)
Release date: 06/04/15 (Believe Digital)