Sean Miller

Cadenza Lab 036 is a set of two House tunes refreshing as a spring breeze, gingerly composed by Toronto native Sean Miller. Sean's prolific activity in the studio, have brought him to release on labels like Ovum, Play It Say It, Knee Deep In Sound, Mobilee, Supernature, and Leftroom. In 2011 his remix of Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman" hit the top spot on Beatport's top 100; the song would become the year’s highest selling record and occupy the #1 spot for longer than any other release that year. For almost two decades, Sean has built a strong, vibrant career as Dj and producer, through hard work, and an unquestionable dedication.

Fresh sunny, jazzy saxophone spring breeze "Arc en Ciel" has a steady kick, tall claps, captivating percussions and festive uplifting chords. Modulated cheerful voices flow lively with its irresistible groove and its full-bodied bass-line. The party is guaranteed.

"Je t'aime" is shiny, smooth and winsome. Its well-dressed drums and the filtered pad in the background lay down above a chirping flock of saxophone trills, blossoming into a soothing old-schoolish strings line.