Argy & Andrea Oliva welcome to DMCWORLD – a superb compilation! Let’s get down to business, how long did it take to compile the track listing and then create your respective mixes?


: “Thanks! The clearing part took a while as we have some classic tracks on it which weren’t very easy to license but we got there in the end. The mixing part was very quick! I always mix all compilations live, so I went to my resident club Nordstern, and I started to mix the CD as I would if I were playing at a party. It’s all about transmitting a certain mood when you do a mix CD and I can only do that by mixing it live without a computer, Ableton and other stuff.”


: “It took me 3 months for the whole thing. I am rather "autistic" with these things. The mix has to look like a painting.”


Argy & Andrea Oliva live and direct on DMC World