Now in its 4th season, Luciano and his fellow Vagabundos set out on their most audacious journey to date... The twists and turns of the 7 month journey are about to be revealed to all... March on with Luciano in the official Making Of Vagabundos 2013.

Directed by:
Olivier Kowalczyk

Art Direction + Photography:
aDee -

Valentino Kanzyani - Viole(n)t Thoughts (Cadenza85)
UNER - Bonheur (Cadenza86)

Huge Thank's to the backstage staff: Amélie Nicolet, Pascal Paché, Marck Ronzier, Hiron Guiguin, Olivia BIdou, Fabien Cheeseboeuf & Lamia Bernad.



Cadenza Vagabundos 2013, Making Of from Cadenza Music on Vimeo.

Cadenza Vagabundos 2013, Making Of