Emerging Swiss talent Ezikiel features next on Luciano’s Cadenza Lab label with “The First” EP, comprising three adventurous and infectious tracks. Hailing from Negril’s Beach in Jamaica, Ezikiel was raised on a steady diet of reggae and dub sounds, so synonymous with the island. A move to Zurich in 2006, and a taste for the minimal electronic sounds of DJs like Hawtin & Villalobos, paved the way for a burgeoning DJ career that has covered Swiss institutions like D’Club, Hive Club and the legendary Street Parade, to spots at Time Warp in Italy and El Row in Barcelona.

“Levante” takes its energy from the pacey tempo and rambling melody line, the bouncing percussion resonating to produce some trippy harmonics. “Watch A Bassline” remains upbeat and funky, its assemblage of samples, drum fills and piano play holds the attention whilst the driving beats fuse together a confident and lively piece from Ezikiel. More dub influences creep their way into “Le Jardin Enchanté”, most definitely the most abstract and playful of the trio of tracks here. The pulsating techno edge combines with intricate percussion patterns and aloof synth work to produce an astute slice of deep, dancefloor heat!

Label: Cadenza Lab

Artist: Ezikiel
Title: The First EP
Cat no. CAL025
UPC: 3614590845438

1. Levante
2. Watch A Bassline
3. Le Jardin Enchanté

Format: Digital Only
Release date: 16/02/15 (Beatport 2 week Exclusive)
Release date: 02/03/15 (Believe Digital)

Ezikiel debuts on Cadenza Lab with The First EP