Former Digitaline artist and worldwide acclaimed live performer, Laurent Bovey has recently unveiled his brand new project MARLOWE with the stunning “Moonshine Heater” EP. A welcome return to the Cadenza family and Luciano’s traveling crew of music makers, the Switzerland-born studio wizard has brought to the fore once again his talent and passion for experimental and avant-garde sounds. His life time fascination with almost every genre and style, from 70s Psychedelia to underground Electronica, and his more than a decade long touring schedule - which saw him take the stage at renowned clubs such as Panorama Bar, Fabric, Cocoon and Space among others - served as a unique inspiration for his eclectic works: his trademark bright melodies and ethereal atmospheres, coupled with a sprinkle of ethnic grooves and delicate synthesizers, stand out as a statement of his artistic vision, and distinguish him as one of the label’s most innovative producers.

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Focus On | Marlowe